Who we are.
Since 1929 NDB Narciso De Bortoli: “furnishing passions”.

The story of DE BORTOLI business begins with Mr Domenico who, left the mountains of Belluno, moved to Lombardy in the twenties where he continued to work as chair mender. He decided to enlarge his activity with his son NARCISO, passing from the activity in squares and dairy farms to the activity in big hotels where they mended the rattan seats of the famous Thonet chairs so numerous and popular at that time. In the seventies, his son Narciso stepped up the activity by associating to the handicraft and mending of chairs, the direct selling of the few wooden chair models available at that time. With the passing of time, and all the changes that this brings, he conforms to the new trends so he starts trading metal and plastic chairs but he has always been fond of restoration, stuffing and artfully mending of wooden chairs.
Nowadays, chair mending, in particular , is handmade in the traditional way and by using traditional tools and natural products such as fen grass, rattan, raffia and more recent materials such as strings. The same happens also for seat stuffing, made in the old way which consists in using springs, horsehair and jute straps.


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